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It's a fact that vanlife is extremely popular right now. It's also a fact that more people than ever are working from home. It doesn't take a genius to see the potential benefits of combining these lifestyles, which makes us wonder why we haven't seen something like this nifty work-focused table sooner.

To be clear, this isn't something you can buy just yet. German-based motorhome company Sunlight came up with the idea of offering a dedicated multi-use table that could also function as a dedicated workstation. It's just a concept at this point, but if there's interest in such a thing we wouldn't be surprised to see it as an option for Sunlight's lineup of campers.

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Can't people just set up a laptop at a normal table and work? Absolutely, and we've seen plenty of homebuilt vans with modest setups for getting computer work done. However, Sunlight's table takes a deeper stab at productivity by offering things like extra power outlets, wireless recharging for mobile devices, added lighting, and perhaps the greatest tool for productive home-office workers, space for a second monitor to complement your laptop.

Additionally, the workstation isn't as haphazard as a small, flat table. With small sides and a large front, it creates a small cubicle feel that keeps items like pens or other office gear from literally falling by the wayside. There are surfaces for post-it notes, and when the projects are done, the workstation easily converts back to a normal table for casual dining and relaxation.

Sunlight doesn't mention anything regarding price for this table, as it's just a clever idea at the moment. The company offers a range of vehicles from modest camper vans to large motorhomes, and from our vantage point, it wouldn't be difficult to include this trick table as an optional item for any of them.

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