There may be no M badge here, but there is plenty of M power in the 2009 BMW X6 50iS.

From the onset it was clear that BMW was planning big things for the X6. I mean, just from the concept; a coupé SUV? Coupé denotes a certain design stance, a promise of that much more in performance. Coupés don’t just exist for their own sake, they live to fulfil a purpose. Now we know what that purpose is for X6, as proved by these stunning spy shots taken in Death Valley. X6 50iS – or so we reckon – should get full treatment, maybe slightly less, than what X5 50iS will get which is 405kW and about 700Nm of torque. Essentially we are facing at least 375kW.

BMW philosophy is to bring out a new engine with each new model, even if that engine is not completely new, it has fresh characteristics. So V10 M power-monger will have no place on the X side. In fact that 5.0-litre V10 may well be on its own way out, thanks to tight emissions controls. X6 50iS features two turbos for that 500+ bhp to be gotten from 4.4-litres of V8 brute. BMW philosophy also states that X vehicles don’t get the M badge, simply because they can’t offer the same dynamics as saloon, roadster and coupe Ms. Hence the iS moniker. We can expect to see the X6 50iS about a year from now, officially uncovered and in full production kit.

High-Powered BMW X6 50iS Spied