According to a recent report, Google is preparing to launch a ride-hailing service similar to Uber.

Details are limited but Bloomberg is reporting that Google’s chief legal officer and Uber board member, David Drummond, has informed the rest of Uber's board that Google could soon become a competitor. If the report is correct, it would be an interesting turn of events as Google Ventures invested $258 (€225) million into Uber in 2013.

Little is known about Google's service but it is expected to use their autonomous cars. Bloomberg goes on to say the company has already developed a ride-sharing app for the service and it is already being used by some Google employees.

The tech giant declined to comment on the report but Google's Chris Urmson has previously mentioned their autonomous vehicles could be using in a ride-sharing service where you "... call up the vehicle and tell it where to go and then have it take you there.”

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