Not everyone wants to tow a gigantic travel trailer or drive a beefy camper van for a rustic vacation in the wilderness. Rooftop tents are a popular choice for turning even modest cars into cozy campers, and Colorado-based Roofnest now offers an upgraded model called the Falcon Pro.

From the onset, we notice a significant amount of space in this tent despite having a very low profile when stowed. It's 83.5 inches long by 54 inches wide and constructed with an aluminum shell, but when deployed, two people can fit comfortably inside. Unlatching two release clamps at the rear lets the tent rise by itself thanks to gas struts on the sides, and the company's "U-bar" system elevates the tent at the rear for extra room.

Gallery: Roofnest Falcon Pro Roof Top Tent

The setup process is deceptively quick, and once inside, there's a 2.5-inch memory foam mattress with an anti-condensation pad built into the floor. The tent itself features USB-powered LED strips for light, large storage pockets, larger windows for easy entry, and for star-gazers, there's even a clear PVC skylight in the fabric roof. An extendable 8.5-foot ladder attaches to either side for access.

In addition to being a tent, the Falcon Pro can also carry other adventure gear with its double accessory channel system. When stowed, racks and components using M8 hardware can attach to either side, up to 75 pounds each. The tent also comes with its own crossbar system that accommodates up to 150 pounds when closed, or 75 pounds when open. As for mounting the tent to the car, it attaches using either the vehicle's standard crossbars or aftermarket bars. The tent by itself weighs 165 pounds.

The Falcon Pro is available for order now. Introductory pricing on Roofnest's website is $3,995 and that includes free shipping in the continental United States. First orders are expected to arrive in October 2021.

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