Renault brings a pair of campers with bizarre names to the Düsseldorf Motor Show. Check out the Renault Trafic Space Nomad and the Hippie Caviar Hotel show car.

The Space Nomad is available in two length and seating configurations for either four or five people. Both versions come with a pop-off roof that incorporates a bed that measures 47.24 inches by 78.74 inches (120 centimeters by 200 centimeters). The rear bench converts into a bed that is 48.82 inches by 74.02 inches (124 centimeters by 188 centimeters).

Gallery: Renault Trafic Space Nomad

The kitchenette includes a two-burner stove and a sink. There's a 1.73-cubic-foot (49-liter) refrigerator. A table can be mounted inside the camper, deploy outside, or stow away when not in use.

An extendable awning provides some shade during the day. There's even an outdoor shower for cleaning up before going to bed.

Buyers can select from engines making 110 horsepower (82 kilowatts) to 170 hp (127 kW). The models with 150 hp (112 kW) and 170 hp are available with an automatic gearbox, while lesser versions are only available with a manual. LED headlamps are standard, the campers come with active emergency braking, lane departure warning, driver monitoring system, and blind-spot warning.

The SpaceNomad will join the Renault range in early 2022. It'll be available in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, and France.

Gallery: Renault Hippie Caviar Hotel

The Hippie Caviar Hotel is Renault's concept for a Trafic-based camper with the amenities of a five-star hotel. It features luxurious materials and some fascinating design ideas.

The Hippie Caviar Hotel's party piece is the bed that can slide out of the rear hatch to provide an open-air relaxation experience. There are draperies that can provide some privacy when the bed is partially outside the vehicle. The bed converts into a bench seat when it isn't time to rest.

The camper also has a rooftop terrace that includes a coffee table and two removable backrests.

The Hippie Caviar Hotel's exterior has a front half in the green color Almond Flakes and rear in Anodised Silver Grey. The cabin has a leather band across the dashboard. The other materials include exotic types of wood, linen, wool, and plant-based foam.

To provide the five-star hotel experience, Renault imagines using drones to deliver meals to people camping in the Hippie Caviar Hotel. It also dreams about sending a logistics container to  the sites that would include a shower, lavatory, and electric recharging point.

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