The all-new Audi A4 (B9) has received an unofficial digital interpretation ahead of this year’s reveal.

Audi's A4 model is about to get a fifth generation which will come with a vast array of changes, starting with the model's dimensions set to increase as a method to distance the model from the A3 Sedan. It will ride on the second-gen MLB platform which will combine several lightweight materials like aluminum and high-strength steels that should enable a significant diet despite the increased proportions.

Based on previous spy shots, the styling will adopt the evolutionary route which should grant a sharper look similar to what these renders depict. The sedan will be the first to come out and is going to be followed shortly by the more practical Avant while the next-gen A5 family will come out in 2016 in coupe, cabriolet and Sportback flavors.

In terms of engines, expect the familiar 1.4, 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI motors along with a newly developed 3.0 TFSI while on the diesel side there should be 1.6 and 2.0 TDIs as well as a new 3.0 TDI. There should also be a plug-in hybrid variant with the system derived from the A3 e-tron while a diesel-electric hybrid is also believed to be under development.

These engines will work with a six-speed manual and a nine-speed automatic sending power as standard to the front wheels but quattro will be optionally available on select variants. An e-quattro system with a combustion engine and two e-motors is also possible and would allow the A4 be driven in three modes: FWD on the power provided by the combustion engine; RWD on electric power and AWD as a hybrid.

Chances are the overhauled Audi A4 will debut in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

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