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[update] Third, fourth and fifth teaser added.

Ferrari has released a couple of elusive teasers that likely hint at a new model.

These teasers contain the hashtags #PERFORMANCE, emotion, design and WORDSARENOTENOUGH while the images depict a circuit corner and what appears to be a portion of a front fascia. It’s not enough to decrypt the identity of the model but chances are we are dealing with the facelifted 458 Italia believed to be called 458 M (Modificata).

The model is expected to make its public debut in early March at the Geneva Motor Show so an online reveal a month earlier makes sense. The most important modification will be represented by an engine change as the V8 4.5-liter will be replaced by a twin-turbo V8 3.8-liter generating somewhere in the region of 666 bhp (497 kW) and 745 Nm (550 lb-ft).

It should work with an evolved dual-clutch gearbox granting a 0-62 mph (0-100 km/h) run in less than 3.4 seconds and a top speed of more than 202 mph (325 km/h).

Whatever Ferrari is teasing, we'll find out on February 3 but most likely until then there will be several other teasers like these two.

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