Genesis neglected to show the world one of the most interesting features of the new GV60 EV when the model recently debuted. While the company described the vehicle's "Crystal Sphere" gearshift, it didn't show how fascinating the design was in operation.

When off, the Crystal Sphere has a design that is reminiscent of a paperweight and provides ambient mood lighting. When you're ready to drive, the orb automatically flips over to reveal a polished metal surface. It has buttons for activating Park and cycling through drive modes. Turning the ball selects Reverse, Neutral, or Drive.


Seeing the Crystal Sphere rotate is a neat trick for the GV60. It will surely be something drivers show off whenever a new person takes a ride in the EV.

The GV60 rides on Hyundai’s Electric Global Modular Platform, which it shares with the Hyundai Ioniq 5 and Kia EV6. Unfortunately, Genesis is not yet providing any powertrain or battery specs about the crossover.

The GV60 went through Korea Emissions and Noise Certification. That document says the mode has 226 horsepower (169 kilowatts). A mid-range version has 325 hp (242 kW), and the range-topping version makes 436 hp (325 kW).

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The GV60 has quite an unorthodox exterior appearance. In front, there are the Genesis brand's trademark stack headlights. It wears a stretched take on the company's shield-shaped grille, and there are upturned slits on each side.

The profile is where the GV60 looks the oddest. There's an arched roofline that leads to a stubby tail that creates a look that somewhat evokes a Volkswagen Beetle. Chrome strips run along each side of the roof, and they dip sharply downward at the rear to break things up.

The interior is a bit more conventional. The driver grips a two-spoke steering wheel and looks at a digital instrument cluster. The center stack separates the infotainment screen and HVAC controls into separate elements.

The GV60 will go on sale in the US in 2022. Prices and specifications will be available closer to launch.

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