In a surprise move, Spyker's bankruptcy has been declared null and void following an appeal.

According to the automaker, shortly after the bankruptcy was announced bridge funding come through and provided them with a "solid foundation for lodging an appeal." Their appeal was victorious which means they have been returned to moratorium of payment status that allows them to continue to operate and restructure their business.

Interestingly, Spyker CEO Victor Muller said they could exit their moratorium of payment status in a matter of weeks as they've been trying to reach an agreement with creditors throughout the appeals process.

Muller went on to say that once an agreement is reached, Spyker will work towards launching the B6 Venator and merging with an American-based manufacturer of high performance electric aircraft. Muller declined to say which company he was talking about but said the move would eventually result in Spyker EVs in the future.

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