Bentley has quietly launched the Mulsanne Majestic in Qatar.

Bentley has quietly launched the Mulsanne Majestic in Qatar.

Inspired by royalty, the limited edition model has an Ivory‎ exterior with a single Saddle fine line. The sedan also has "Majestic" badging and 21-inch alloy wheels.

The cabin comes nicely equipped with Magnolia leather seats, dark tan carpets and black privacy curtains. Other notable highlights include wood trim, two leather-wrapped cushions and iPads for rear seat passengers. The car also has illuminated sill plates, a refrigerator and frosted glasses as well as crystal flutes.

In a statement, Bentley's regional VIP and Special Sales Manager Trevor Gay said “The Mulsanne Majestic is inspired by our customers’ strong understanding of traditional royal values and the strong family unit. The ideal of Majesty is well received here and links perfectly to one of the most luxurious and unique models we've ever built." He went on to say "This is an extremely limited edition, which will appeal to Bentley enthusiasts who demand the highest standards in luxury and performance from their cars, but who also want exclusivity and grandeur.”

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Bentley Mulsanne Majestic launched in Qatar