A new report from UK says the next generation Audi A4 and the rumored TTQ will be offered with an e-quattro system.

Almost a year ago, Audi filed a patent for an e-quattro all-wheel drive system and it seems the first cars to use it are going to be this year's all-new A4 (B9) and the TTQ crossover set to come out in 2017. It's a hybrid powertrain consisting of a conventional combustion engine and two e-motors, one built into the gearbox housing while the other in charge of powering the rear axle. CAR says in high-performance versions this system would have a combined output of 408 bhp (304 kW).

The report specifies this total power would be obtained from the 292 bhp (218 kW) combustion engine, 54 bhp (40 kW) e-motor inside the gearbox and the other e-motor rated at 116 bhp (87 kW). This e-quattro system would allow the A4 & TTQ to use as a conventional-powered front-wheel layout at higher speeds or an electric-powered rear-wheel drive setup around town. Depending on the road conditions, the cars could also run in hybrid all-wheel drive mode for added traction.

Lastly, CAR also mentions that Audi plug-in hybrid models will "soon" be offered with wireless inductive charging.

Gallery: Audi A4 and TTQ could get e-quattro system

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