Ford announced this week that it would replace every molded-in color hardtop for the all-new Bronco due to quality issues. That’s causing quite a production headache for the two-door model, which only adds to the SUV’s troubled launch. The news had some wondering if Ford had plans to make a soft-top two-door variant, but Ford Manager of Product Communications Mike Levine took to Twitter Wednesday to kibosh that idea.

Levine tweeted that Ford has “No current plan for 2 door soft tops.” Ford only offers the two-door Bronco with a hardtop, and the only hardtop available right now is the molded-in plastic roof. Ford’s plan to replace the MIC hardtops means the company is putting another pause on production as the replacement tops won’t become available until October. Ford plans to prioritize replacing the roofs on delivered Broncos first before fixing the ones stored in inventory. Then, Bronco hardtop production will resume.


This means those with orders that haven’t received a build date will get a 2022 model instead of a 2021 model, or they could switch to the four-door soft-top model in the hopes of getting their Bronco sooner. Production for the 2022 model is scheduled to begin in December. The upside is that Ford plans to protect pricing through the 2023 model year, keeping one’s MSRP pricing the same as they wait for their car.

Ford’s launch of the new Bronco has been everything but smooth. Numerous delays have Ford scrambling to get the SUV to customers as quickly as possible, but supplier issues continue to plague the product. The issue with the MIC hardtops is just the latest speed bump, and it will have customers waiting even longer for their SUVs. Ford’s other Bronco hardtops have been delayed until 2023, only adding to the ongoing roof issues.

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