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Hot on the heels of the NSX Type S' debut, Acura decided to drop a bombshell by announcing plans to dust off the fabled Integra nameplate. It's billed as a "new compact premium entrant" and will be unveiled in 2022 when it aims to deliver the "same fun-to-drive spirit and DNA of the original," according to the company's Vice President and Brand Officer Jon Ikeda.

Additional details are scarce for the time being, but the car's silhouette made a brief appearance during the debut event organized for the NSX Type S. The shape was presented as part of a drone show and it seems fairly obvious we are dealing with a two-door sports car. That contradicts rumors from last year about a new Integra-badged compact sedan announced in a dealer presentation.


Those who were sad upon learning about Honda's plan to phase out the Civic Coupe can now take comfort from knowing Acura will launch its own two-door car. We can only assume the revived Integra will be based on the eleventh-generation Civic, presumably, with power from the same engine the manual-only Civic Si will get.

With "Spring 2022" mentioned in the social media posts published by Acura, it means the fifth-generation Integra will likely be available for the 2023 model year. The adjacent teaser image shows the car’s name debossed into the front bumper, while the sharp LED headlights are quite similar to those of the TLX Type S.


When it does eventually arrive, it's going to give fans of affordable sports cars another alternative to the likes of Subaru BRZ / Toyota GR 86 and Nissan Z, which are all switching to the next-generation model for the 2022 model year. As some of you will recall, Acura brand officer Jon Ikeda expressed his interest in doing a hot Type S version of all models, and the Integra would fit that bill better than any other model given its heritage.

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