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Back in April, a number of Ford dealers have been reported to be building their own standalone Bronco showrooms, supposedly banking on the popularity of the returning nameplate. The idea wasn't from Dearborn. The dealers requested for it and the Blue Oval complied with the renderings below.

However, Ford isn't strict with the design of the dedicated Bronco showrooms, offering a sort of flexibility. According to an interview with Ford Authority, Bronco brand chief Mark Grueber said Ford is offering a wide range of what dealers can do with the Bucking Horse showroom.

Gallery: Dedicated Bronco Showrooms Rendering

"Some dealers are even converting their existing facilities, like their used car building or something else of that sort. And then there’s a few that are going one step further and are building a whole new facility or building for that," Grueber added in the Ford Authority interview.

As of April, 100 dealers have already signed up for the standalone Bronco showroom program. However, Grueber said that the program is completely optional; dealers who don't want an additional cost in building a separate showroom will still be allowed to sell or service Bronco units.

Ford will reward those who participate, though. According to the previous report, dealers who will build their dedicated showrooms will have their allocations slightly increased.

If it isn't obvious, the return of the Ford Bronco nameplate, as well as its smaller Bronco Sport sibling, has been celebrated by its patrons in the US. That said, it's no surprise that dealers are banking on its popularity, and it won't be surprising either that upcoming Bronco derivatives will arrive sooner or later, which will definitely be showcased in the standalone showrooms.

The return wasn't without issues, however. Bronco hardtops have been reported to have quality issues, which the automaker aims to resolve by replacing them all.

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