The Loki Basecamp Icarus is the brand's new truck bed camper that packs lots of features into a compact footprint. Right now, it only exists in renderings, but the company plans to start pricing at $69,000.

The Icarus has a reinforced fiberglass hull with double-density synthetic composite insulation so you can take a camping trip even in the winter. It also comes with an air conditioner and heater for even more comfort. 

Gallery: Loki Basecamp Icarus Truck Camper

There are plenty of options and upgrades available. Buyers can get 300 watts of solar power, 600 amp-hours of lithium batteries, and a 2,000-watt inverter. Customers can also select the exterior colors and interior finishes.

The exterior has a front-mounted LED light bar and utility lamps on the side and rear. There's also a spare tire rack and multi-purpose utility drawer. A roof rack on top offers a space to secure equipment.

The interior includes a removable shower or can be a seating area with a table. There are removable 68-inch aluminum platforms and anchor points for attaching gear. A hidden area provides a spot for a removable toilet. A kitchenette includes a stainless steel sink, induction cooktop, and refrigerator. There's room for a queen-sized bed for a good night's sleep.

Loki is making the Icarus in 6- and 8-foot variants. They can fit popular trucks like the Ford F Series, Toyota Tundra, Ram pickups, Chevrolet Silverado, and GMC Sierra, as long as they have a bed big enough to fit this camper.

The Icarus sits a step below Loki's Basecamp truck bed camper that starts at $135,000. It has a strut-assisted liftgate that can also serve as an awning. There are large windows for getting a great view of the outdoors when camping.

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