By now, you've seen plenty of photos and videos featuring the new Ford Maverick. If you follow regularly, you've seen an early comparison to the Ranger when Maverick was still a camouflaged prototype. We also shared a sketched profile comparison between all Ford trucks, but this is the first opportunity we've had to see Ford's compact, mid-size, and full-size trucks together in the real world.

Kudos to Maverick Truck Club and Todd Grace for the catch. A forum administrator posted up some images showing Mavericks that recently made stops at Ford dealerships. The smallest Blue Oval truck isn't on sale just yet; that will happen in the fall. But pre-production trucks are out and about and apparently, some are posing for family photos. Here we see the Maverick between the Ranger and F-150 for neat size comparison, and if anything, we'd say the truck is even smaller than we envisioned compared to its siblings.

Ford Maverick With Ranger And F-150 Size Comparison

The head-on view at the top of the article offers the best angle for comparison. However, the above photo showing the trucks in profile suggests Ford worked very hard to make the Maverick appear bigger than it is. By itself, the Maverick looks like a conservative, squarish truck of modest size. It's not a bad look by any means, but next to the Ranger and F-150, the Maverick looks like it's having an allergic reaction to peanuts. The high beltline creates slab sides that appear puffy in this context, and the large headlights with a larger grille seem rather awkward.

It's a curious take for sure, and one that we doubt will alter anyone's interest in the small truck. With Maverick, Ford is hoping to capture first-time new-vehicle buyers as well as those who haven't previously considered a truck. As such, we suspect shoppers won't be hung up on fitting in with the traditional truck crowd. And from the rumblings we've heard through comments and internet chatter, the traditional truck crowd isn't keen on accepting the unibody Maverick as a proper pickup.

In short, the next couple of years should be very interesting in the US pickup truck scene.

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