Car enthusiasts, young and young-at-heart, have something to look forward to in the next several hours as Hot Wheels is about to launch a special edition model to be added into its collectible range. Introducing, the Ford Raptor 2021 Special Edition, dropping at the Hot Wheels Collectors website within several at the time of this article's publishing.

Unlike the 1,379-piece Lego Technic Raptor kit based on the latest version of the performance truck, the Hot Wheels Collectors Ford Raptor special edition is based on its predecessor. It's a follow-up to the previously-released Raptor Hot Wheels in 2018, now coming with several updates.

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The Ford F-150 Raptor 2021 HWC Special Edition release comes equipped with Spectraflame light brown paint with desert camouflage patterns, Real Riders Baja wheels with orange lip and off-road tires, and fully detailed graphics. It also comes with a light smoke-tined windshield and full-metal black painted chassis to further accentuate the tough appeal. 

Just like the previous Raptor release, the HWC Special Edition comes with a hood and a tailgate that open.

To go with the desert dino appeal of the collectible, it will be mounted on a brown plinth inside a clear acrylic case for protection and to preserve the details. As Hot Wheels described it the latest release is "tough, clean, and mean, and there is only one way to hunt this beast made to overland the desert terrain."

The 2021 HWC Special Edition Ford Raptor will be priced at $30 each. It isn't indicated whether it will be in limited numbers but what we know is that it will be sold starting August 10, 2021, Tuesday. Make sure to visit the Hot Wheels Collectors website to get a chance to buy one.

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