Few cars in the world are as iconic as the Porsche 911. As such, few cars have such a broad fanbase and devoted following, and we suspect those folks will already know at least some of what this new 911 manufacturing documentary covers. However, we also bet there's information even hardcore 911 fans don't know, and there's plenty of cool car-building content to please average car enthusiasts as well.

Perhaps the best part is you can watch it all for free. This new documentary comes from WELT Documentary on YouTube, and it covers absolutely every aspect of how the current-generation 911 is made. Since the original model in 1963, every 911 has come from Porsche's Zuffenhausen factory in Stuttgart, and that number surpassed one million back in 2017. The video also discusses 911 history and points out interesting facts like the 911's original designation of 901 when it first launched. That didn't sit well with a certain French automaker which used zeroes in its models, so Porsche changed it from 901 to 911.

Porsche 911
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It's not just the 911 that's made in the factory. The video points out that every two-door Porsche performance car rides the same assembly line. That includes the Boxster and Cayman, proceeding along at a speed of approximately two meters per minute. All total, the factory employs 3,000 people and with everything going smoothly, they can build 250 cars per day in the 188-acre facility.

Aside from building new 911s, the documentary also devotes significant time to Porsche's in-house restoration teams. At the time the video was produced, Porsche had 450 vehicles awaiting restoration and some cars could take two years to finish. We're also given a very interesting look at Porsche's design center where new 911s come to life. Some critics argue the iconic car always looks the same from generation to generation, but the documentary offers some intriguing insight into how tough it actually is to create a new version.

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The video is an hour-long look behind the scenes at Porsche, but it's pure gold for 911 fans and anyone interested in the manufacturing process.

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