Performance wagons are some of the best all-rounders out there, especially if we're talking about the time when the Mercedes-AMG E63 (W211) was offered with a third row. Those days are long gone as packaging constraints have made it impossible for the engineers to fit jump seats in the trunk area. Audi never installed more than five seats in the RS6 Avant, let alone in the smaller RS4 Avant.

This brings us to the attached photo. Yes, it's a current-generation, pre-facelift RS4 with more people than the vehicle was designed to carry. Spotted on a highway in Catalunya, Spain, the speedy wagon was being driven with two kids in the back. Taking into consideration they were unable to close the tailgate, chances are those are a couple of teenagers riding in the trunk area.


It goes without saying it's extremely dangerous to put people in the cargo compartment of a vehicle, especially if the tailgate is not fully closed. As if that wasn't bad enough, the RS4 Avant was being driven at highway speeds, so it's fairly easy to imagine a worst-case scenario, be it a rear-end collision or hard braking. With no seatbelts for those teenagers to hold them tightly in place, things could go horribly wrong in a matter of seconds.

Local reports say a French tourist was behind the wheel of the RS4 Avant and was heading to the Costa Brava, a coastal region of Catalonia in northeastern Spain. He was pulled over by the police and handed an €840 (nearly $1,000) fine for breaking no fewer than six driving laws: two violations for carrying two kids under the age of three in the back seats without proper child restraints, one for reckless driving, one for carrying more people than seats, and two more for putting two teenagers in the trunk.

Perhaps the Audi RS4's owner should've picked the SQ7 as it still offers plenty of performance with the added practicality of a third row. That being said, the performance SUV costs quite a bit more than the RS4, with German pricing showing a €14,200 ($16,700) difference between the two Audi Sport models.

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