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These days, finding a huge screen at the center of a car's dashboard isn't surprising anymore. In fact, automakers have been toying with the idea of multiple screens, such as the Mercedes EQS and its MBUX Hyperscreen.

But outside the German electric vehicle, there's still this dilemma among buyers and automakers – should the screen be landscape or portrait? How about both, depending on the user's preference? The latter's the luxury of choice that Mitsubishi Electric wants to offer with its latest prototype, here being tested in an Acura MDX.

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In a video by Autoline Network uploaded on YouTube (embedded atop this page), Mitsubishi Electric VP of Advanced Engineering Mark Rakoski explains this latest prototype. Dubbed as the Project Firebird, Rakoski said that it's a digital cockpit concept that can be available in future cars. It's an in-cabin digital experience, and the crown jewel of the tech lies on the massive infotainment screen that rotates.

According to Rakoski, the rotating screen gives users the choice between landscape and portrait orientation, which sprung from the fact that users usually have these preferences in terms of onboard technology systems. Some apps are also better viewed in portrait. Navigation was cited as an example, which is better used while on a vertical screen.

Beyond the unattractive thick bezels of the prototype, Rakoski said that the Project Firebird also comes with cameras, including an inward-facing camera for driver monitoring system and, get this, video chats. We wager the latter idea came more recently as virtual meetings and mobile offices have become a thing during this worldwide health crisis that ultimately limits mobility.

Upon working with automakers, we could see this Android-based rotating screen technology in the near future. Rakoski mentions a timeline of two years, but that of course depends on their clients., which may or may not include Acura as seen with the prototype above.

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