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Acura's teaser train for its hot NSX Type S continues, only this time we have strong evidence pointing to a not-insignificant performance boost. Exactly how much performance isn't yet known, but a fresh teaser post on social media promises the Type S will be "faster than ever."

In this instance, the actual video isn't the main attraction. The eight-second clip gives us a close-up look at the top of the engine then jumps to a shadowed NSX ripping through the night, all set to a turbocharged V6 soundtrack. We've already had a better (but still shadowed) look at the Type S, pointing to modest changes on the front and rear fascias for a bit more aggression. However, the rumor mill has long churned with talk about performance upgrades beneath the skin, and with this Facebook post, Acura confirms it.


Of course, it's still very open-ended in terms of meaning. Will the Type S be faster to 60 mph? Will it have a higher top speed? Will it lap racetracks quicker? Ideally, all of the above applies and there's no reason to believe Acura won't give the NSX Type S better brakes, suspension, and a bit more power. But we know car folks are generally interested in power, and over the last couple of years, we've heard 650 horsepower (485 kilowatts) tossed around more than once. Specifically, an NSX Type R was allegedly arriving in 2019 with 650 hp, then we heard more rumors about a Type R with 641 hp (478) kW) debuting in October 2021.

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Obviously the first rumor didn't come true, but that second one could point towards the forthcoming Type S. It's not a Type R and it's not debuting in October, but the timeframe is close. And with a year between the rumor and this debut, there's plenty of time to change up the formula. 641 hp would be a healthy bump from the current 572 hp (427 kW) produced by the combined hybrid powertrain, but it seems increasingly likely that the Type S will have at least 600 hp (447 kW) to play with.

We will have full disclosure soon enough. Acura will reveal the NSX Type S to the world on August 12 during Monterey Car Week in California. Just 350 will be built, and it will serve as the final act for the second-generation NSX which ends production in December 2022.

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