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The 2022 Ford Maverick won't begin arriving at dealerships until sometime this fall, and specific configurations could be hard to come by. A new post on the Maverick Truck Club form by the Granger Ford account provides a peek behind the truck's production curtain, allegedly revealing that Ford plans to limit production of the hybrid model for the first few months before slightly increasing its output.

According to the post, the hybrid model will account for only 35 percent of Maverick production for August, September, and October. It's not clear when, though Ford plans to increase that to 40 percent for the rest of the 2022 model year, but it might still be a difficult truck to find even then. The post also reveals that Ford has two months of retail orders in the system and that 100 percent of hybrid model production is so far set to fulfill customer orders.

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Dealer allocations further complicate the Maverick's inventory situation, which will prioritize confirmed orders over showroom stock – 60 to 40 percent, respectively. This will remain in place until Ford fulfills its retail orders. So far, Ford has amassed about 80,000 Maverick preorders since its introduction earlier this year, though it's unclear how many of those will turn into real sales.

The Maverick has garnered a lot of interest as it's set to become one of the cheapest Ford models available and one of the cheapest hybrids on the entire market. The Maverick's sub-$20,000 starting price (excluding the pesky destination charge) and its estimated 40 miles per gallon city rating is quite the compelling pairing. The standard powertrain is the 2.5-liter hybrid, with Ford offering the optional turbocharged 2.0-liter EcoBoost for those wanting a truck capable of doing a bit more work.

We don't know how preorders are breaking down between the two powertrains, but it would appear that people are optioning the premium engine over the standard hybrid. We'll have to see if this trend continues. 

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