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Subaru introduced its first Wilderness model earlier this year in the form of the Outback, and now the company is teasing what’s arriving next. The Japanese automaker has released two teasers of the second Wilderness model that’s coming, and all clues point to it being the Forester. The teasers don’t reveal much, though it’s fairly easy to determine which vehicle in Subaru’s lineup is receiving the off-road upgrade next.

One teaser image shows the Subaru Wilderness door badge just behind the front fender, which includes a portion of the side mirror. The mirror stalk sits on the sharp body crease above the badge, and the only vehicle to have this styling feature in Subaru’s lineup is the Forester. The image also reveals a bit of the wheel well cladding, which looks to be unique to this Wilderness model.

Gallery: Second Subaru Wilderness Model Teasers

The second Wilderness teaser image shows a bit more of the vehicle, though it doesn’t actually reveal much. We can see more of the chunky cladding wrapping around the wheel well, which meets the rocker cladding along the bottom, and the dirty wheel. Also in the image is the door badge and the car’s revealing side mirror and stalk. 

What we can’t see are the mechanical upgrades Subaru will make to the model. If it’s like the Outback Wilderness, we can expect a handful of welcomed upgrades that should please off-road adventurers. The Outback received a raised suspension that improved the crossover’s ground clearance and approach, departure, and breakover angles, unique wheels, and a front skid plate, and those upgrades should come to the Forester Wilderness as well.

Subaru also gave the Outback Wilderness new, tougher front and rear bumpers that also improved its off-road agility, and we expect the Forester Wilderness, or whatever Subaru model it is, to receive the same styling tweaks. It’s unlikely Subaru will give the new Wilderness model any powertrain upgrades as it left the Outback’s alone.

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