Our spies have captured on camera the upcoming four-wheel version of Mercedes-Benz's outrageous G63 AMG 6x6.

Known as the "Green Monster", the four-wheel G63 AMG 6x6 has already been confirmed by Mercedes-AMG CEO Tobias Moers who mentioned back in November the model is slated to come out "soon" so most likely it will be unveiled this year. The model is addressed to a very limited niche that probably isn't entirely satisfied with the regular model's off-road capabilities and are willing to pay more for a higher ground clearance, wider tracks, bigger wheels and other similar hardware tweaks.

The four-wheel G63 AMG 6x6 will probably feature the same twin-turbo V8 5.5-liter engine unleashing 554 HP (400 kW) and 758 Nm (560 lb-ft) sent to all four wheels with help from a 7G-TRONIC automatic gearbox.

Since the six-wheeler is limited to 20-30 units per year, chances are availability of its four-wheel sibling will be limited as well. There's no word right now about the price tag but taking  into account the 2015 G63 AMG 6x6 costs €456,900 in Germany, chances are the 4x4 model will probably be "more affordable" and could dip below the €400,000 mark.

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