R8-inspired Audi TT is all set for a mid-engine layout for 2013. This will greatly enhance balance, and by extension, handling.

Ingolstadt’s halo car the Audi R8, is for good reason, the benchmark against which a number of future sports cars are to be measured. Smaller brother TT is now said to be investigating the mid-layout of its next engine, no small thanks to R8. Engineers and designers at Audi are fascinated by this type of setting which greatly enhances automobile balance resulting in improved handling. Additionally Quattro can be set for a 60:40 distribution setup in high-performance cars like the RS 4, giving even more legs to the handling argument.

TT III is still a long way away; 2013 to be exact, with a facelift for mid-2009. But sketches are already doing the rounds and a final decision will be made within the next two years. Will we be looking through a thick glass panel into TT III’s engine bay? If Porsche approves this then we will. But if they feel the TT will eat larger chunks into the next Cayman and Boxster then no approval will be given.

[Please note: Audi TT Speedster rendering used for illustrative purposes]

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