To mark the domestic launch of its new Land Cruiser, Toyota has published some rather interesting design sketches that were left on the cutting room floor. The one we've attached at the top has caught our attention the most as it represents a significant departure from what was to become the 300 Series. Hexagons were the main theme here, with the Japanese marque even saying "HEX for GEN-Y" and "Oh baby, you're so HEX-Y."

Look closer and you can observe a separate spindle grille design reserved for Lexus, presumably for the next LX. The futuristic-looking SUV has split headlights with four-point LEDs that have a correspondent at the back where there seems to be a massive tailgate with an optional spare wheel mounted. Beefier wheel arches, X-shaped wheel spokes, wide third brake light bar, and square roof mounts further distance it from the final 2022 Land Cruiser design.

Gallery: 2022 Toyota Land Cruiser design sketches

The "World Runner" design is closer to the real thing, although we'd argue it looks more modern with the sleeker headlights and taillights. It has a cleaner side profile without bulging wheel arches and appears to have vented front fenders, unless those are just for décor. Perhaps this styling proposal would look better as a Lexus LX since the SUV appears a tad more luxurious.

Various other sketches have been released by Toyota, some of which envision the Land Cruiser as a fully fledged off-roader with a snorkel and roof-mounted auxiliary lights. We can also notice significantly slimmer headlights and taillights in some of the design proposals, along with sketches of the production-approved design.

The LC300 is billed as a "brutal and sensual all-roader" and is being shown in its normal specification alongside the first-ever GR Sport trim level. It can be visually distinguished by its blacked-out wheel arches and the mesh pattern design of the grille, along with more pronounced underbody protection and chunky tires.

Rounding off the photo gallery are interior sketches showing the dramatic improvements that have been made over the outgoing model. It makes us wonder what Lexus has in tow for the LX to one-up the Land Cruiser to justify its premium. As a refresher, Toyota has retired the LC from the North American market where the body-on-frame large SUV will soldier on only in the posh Lexus version.

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