Before all this pandemic hullaballoo happened, Toyota has announced in 2019 that it will support the 2020 Tokyo Olympics with a specially-designed EV called the Accessible People Mover (APM) mobility vehicle.

Then again, coronavirus happened, which ultimately postponed the supposed schedule of the Olympic Games last year. It does push through this year, which is still happening at the time of this writing.

While Toyota has axed its Tokyo Olympics commercials due to undisclosed reasons, the Japanese automaker still made its presence felt in the form of a fun-looking EV during a baseball game.


If the electric vehicle looks familiar, it's because it's a modified version of the APM mobility vehicle that was announced in 2019. The revisions are specific for baseball, including roof removal and a mitt-looking rear seat. More importantly, the cute-looking EV is designed to transport substitute pitchers. Yes, it's a fancy way to transport players, and MLB should consider getting one stateside.

The original APM mobility vehicle was designed to transport visitors and staff within a large event or venue, such as the Olympics. It's a low-speed, short-distance battery EV – kind of like an upgraded version of a golf cart with 100 kilometers (62 miles) of range.

While the original design was supposed to carry more people with a three-row configuration, the refurbished APM is fancier with the baseball-themed design. We're just wondering if it will be offered officially after the games, but we're not counting on that.

The Japanese automaker has been toying with the idea of small mobility EVs for quite a while now. One of those was the Toyota C+pod from last year, which aimed to provide mobility in a pint-sized package, perfect for urban or even community applications.

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