For the uninitiated, the Ferrari FXX K Evo is a very rare vehicle that would be impossible to see on plight on public streets. That's because of two things: it isn't road legal, and the few examples spend most of their time in the care of Ferrari itself, made available to owners during track events.

That said, spotting one out on its paces is an awesome happenstance, which happened courtesy of user MattyB727 on YouTube. The FXX K Evo here was spotted at one of Ferrari's Racing Days almost a year ago at Mugello Circuit.

Gallery: Ferrari FXX K Evo

We embedded the video atop this page for you to enjoy, but we suggest that you wear your best headphones for this one as this car has a brutally eargasmic sound, screaming up to 9,200 rpm at the Italian circuit.

The LaFerrari-based track toy was introduced in 2017 as both an aerodynamic package for the 40 units of standard Ferrari FXX K from 2014, or as a standalone extremely limited-run model. Ferrari, however, didn't disclose how many are going to be made. The one spotted at Mugello was wearing the number 59 and was said to be driven by the Danish Peter Christensen.

With more aero bits added onto the body, the FXX K Evo has 23 percent more downforce than the standard FXX K. It can generate up to 640 kilograms (1,411 pounds) of additional weight at 124 miles per hour (200 kilometers per hour) – all while being lighter than the non-Evo model.

Of course, the oily bits: the V12 engine makes up to 860 horsepower and 750 Newton-meters (553 pound-feet) of torque. The electric motor, on the other hand, produces 190 hp (140 kW), for a whopping combined output of 1,050 hp and in excess of 900 Nm (730 lb-ft).

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