Honda has announced plans to offer the world’s first predictive cruise control system.

Dubbed Intelligent Adaptive Cruise Control (i-ACC), the system will be able to predict and automatically react to other vehicles will cut you off.

The system uses a camera and radar to sense other vehicles on the road. It then uses an algorithm to predict the likelihood of vehicles in neighboring lanes cutting-in by evaluating relations between multiple vehicles, enabling the equipped vehicle to react quickly, safely and comfortably.

Thanks to all this techno-wizardry, the i-ACC system can determine a cut-in situation up to five seconds before it occurs. When this happens, the car will notify the driver and slowly apply the brakes. Honda says this will be very smooth and subtle unlike conventional adaptive cruise control systems which apply the brakes more forcefully.

The system will debut on the Euro-spec CR-V and will likely be offered on additional models in the future.

Gallery: Honda announces predictive cruise control system, will debut on the Euro-spec CR-V

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