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In April, a fleet of camouflaged Chevrolet Corvettes showed up at a hotel in Marietta, Ohio, ahead of real-world testing on the curvy roads in the local area. What we didn't know until now was that there was a spy waiting for the cover of darkness to get a close look at these machines.

In this video, a guy named Brandon tells the Rick Corvette Conti YouTube channel about hiding for hours in the rain so that he could sneak over and see under the cars' camo. He came away with a particularly interesting bit of info. Judging by the coloring, the C8 Z06 appears to adopt a transmission with a magnesium case.

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Switching to a magnesium gearbox case would allow the Z06 to shed some pounds.  In general, a magnesium cast part weighs around 33 percent less than the same component in cast aluminum.

It's unlikely that Chevy's weight-saving measures would only involve installing a magnesium gearbox case. Other components in the lightweight metal and fitting carbon fiber parts would shed even more pounds.

Brandon also speculates that the Z06 has a different exhaust layout than on the existing Corvette. Where the current pipes exit, these cars are open. He believes it could be a spot for heat to dissipate like on the C8.R race car.

According to Brandon, Chevy had a very good security guard patrolling the cars. To avoid being caught, Brandon stayed on the opposite side of the Corvettes than where the guard was standing. This meant he got a glimpse under the camo and then had to keep moving.

He was able to do this ballet for about an hour. Although at one point, Brandon thought he was in serious trouble because a police helicopter flew overhead and a cop car passed by. They weren't looking for him, though.

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