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The battle between compact pickups has commenced in the US with the Ford Maverick and Hyundai Santa Cruz, making sure that truck-loving Americans will be spoilt for choice. While we've already compared the two trucks in a spec sheet matchup before, it will all boil down to which one offers a better deal at the dealership – whether through purchase, lease, or financing.

While it's early to tell how financing offers will fare for both nameplates, a recent analysis from CarsDirect shows us that the Santa Cruz may be a worse truck to lease based on a recent dealer incentive bulletin obtained by the website.

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According to the analysis, the Santa Cruz, specifically in its entry-level SE trim, will have a 60 percent residual value. This is based on the $269 36-month lease deal with 10,000-mile annual allowance. With $3,539 due at signing, the effective cost for this lease is $367 per month.

In comparison, Ford Credit lists a residual value of 62 percent on the entry-level Maverick XL based on 10,500 miles per year, according to CarsDirect. The XLT trim has the highest residual value at 64 percent.

With that said, the Maverick could be a better truck to lease based on residual values alone, but of course, there are other factors that could affect the lease rates. Of note, Ford hasn't put out the Maverick's lease offers as of this writing.

We already know that the Maverick upends the Santa Cruz in terms of pricing; the Blue Oval might even beat the South Korean marque in terms of leasing offers. That doesn't come without a catch, though. CarsDirect said that the Maverick XL will be excluded from the promotional lease deals, which could force buyers to go for the pricier higher variant.

All of these analyses might change when the actual lease offers for the Maverick come out. As always, don't hesitate to shop around for better offers.

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