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If the standard BMW M3/M4 isn’t enough to excite you well then BMW has a surprise for you. According to a post on, expect to see high-performance BMW M3/M4s very soon. BMW understands that its M cars must capture a wide range of enthusiasts ranging from daily driving casual enthusiasts up to track focus lap time connoisseurs. Now that the new BMW M3 and M4 have debuted, it’s time to introduce high-performance versions with a new BMW M3 CSL and M4 CS.

The current BWM M3/M4 and their respective Competition models are very impressive performance machines. BMW is also offering all-wheel-drive for the first time on the BWM M3/M4 which makes this generation the most diverse offering by BMW yet. The normal BMW M3/M4 puts out an impressive 473 horsepower (353 Kilowatts) with the more powerful Competition models offering up 503 horsepower (375 Kilowatts).

If these numbers don’t impress you then you’ll have to wait for the BMW M3 CSL or BMW M4 CS to satisfy your power needs. According to, the upcoming BMW M4 CS will pump out 540 horsepower (403 Kilowatts) and use an exclusive automatic transmission. The CS will also offer a host of standard carbon fiber, optional BMW M headlights as standard, and optional racing bucket seats.

The BMW M3 CSL has more mystery surrounding its final spec but we’d expect it to be very similar to the BMW M4 CS since these cars are only separated by a door count. With a power output of 540 horsepower (403 Kilowatts), we expect BMW’s M division to spend a lot of engineering effort working to channel this power into a usable form for customers looking for the ultimate performance BMW.

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