Thomas Heaton is running a successful channel on YouTube with almost half a million subscribers. His videos are mostly about landscape photography as he travels the planet to shoot “some of the most stunning landscapes in the world.” This guy finally has a new camper to tour with and it’s a smart homebuilt project we'd like to talk about.

A new 30-minute video details all the modifications done by Heaton himself and gives more information about some of the costs and the total spend on the build. It is based on an older generation Mitsubishi Delica and you can even find links for some of the parts and components used for the camper transformation in the video description if you find them cool.

Starting with the van, it’s a 2002 model recently imported from Japan with a 3.0-liter V6 gasoline engine sending power to all four wheels. That’s surely a great base for a single-person adventure-style camper which cost Heaton £11,456 or about $15,745 at the current exchange rates, but this price includes new tires and different upgrades to the van.

Speaking of upgrades, the exterior work on the camper project started with the addition of roof rails for the installation of a solar panel, a cargo box, and an awning. Inside, there’s a diesel heater, tons of lighting all around, a portable fridge, and - of course - a custom-made bed with an aluminum frame.

The video at the top of this page contains a lot more information about the entire build so make sure to take a look. One thing we’d like to share before that, though, is the total cost of the project. And that number is £18,630 or $25,605 at the current exchange rates. Not bad for a self-made custom camper with all the accessories you’ll need.

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