The Mercedes-Benz Sprinter from the last few generations is often picked by RV companies as a base for smart camper builds. Its solid chassis and good dynamic characteristics turn it into a great platform for all kinds of motorhomes but most of them come in pre-defined variants with just a few available options for the customers to choose from. However, there are clients who want entirely custom projects tailored to their own needs.

This is where companies such as Creative Mobile Interiors come to service and the project you see in the gallery below is one of their latest creations. Obviously, it’s based on a last-gen Sprinter and it arrived at the firm’s garage as a 4x4 cargo model. The customer who commissioned the camper has young grandkids and they proclaimed the camper van Nanavan - for “the coolest grandma ever!”

Gallery: Mercedes Sprinter 4x4 camper by Creative Mobile Interiors

Starting its life as a boring cargo van, this Sprinter received many hardware upgrades even before the cabin and interior were modified. There’s a new suspension, upgraded wheels and tires, a rooftop air conditioner, a Packasport roof cargo box with integrated solar panels, and - last but not least - a custom silver paint job. We have to say it looks sleek and very modern from the outside with all the black plastic components now finished in body color.

Silver is the predominant color inside the cabin as well where it is mixed with natural bamboo plywood. The color combo is stylish and very beautiful but the equipment is even more impressive. Onboard you’ll find a custom bed located over a small storage compartment, a smart TV/stereo combo, LED lighting all around, a small kitchenette with cooktop, microwave, fridge, and sink, and a custom-made bathroom with toilet and shower. To ensure the camper is constantly fed with electricity, the company has also installed a big lithium battery with an inverter and a high-tech monitoring/charging system.

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van
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