Friends, we know how most of you feel watching this video. Our initial reaction was likely the same as yours, specifically that this pinheaded SUV driver is a major dirtbag for actually disassembling a safety barrier on a highway then crossing to another highway to avoid a traffic jam. We feel your pain, but this time around, let's consider a different perspective that doesn't paint humanity in such a negative light.

First the facts and yes, they are slim. The description in this ViralHog video states the incident in question happened on July 17 in Gaffney, South Carolina. The description further states that this driver moved barriers, as the video clearly shows, and that semis on the opposite road to the traffic jam were blowing horns as the SUV entered traffic. That's it for definitive information though the video itself says the action occurred on southbound Interstate 85. A quick check with the South Carolina DOT confirms there is road construction on I-85 in the area.

Now for the action. Obviously getting out of your vehicle on a highway – even during a traffic jam – is not a good idea. Intentionally disassembling and moving safety barriers is certainly not a good idea, and exiting the highway at a point other than a specific exit isn't just a bad idea, it's illegal. In short, this SUV driver needed considerable motivation to take such action, and while merely being impatient is certainly a possibility, perhaps there were legitimate reasons behind this.

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As drivers on the road, we are always quick to judge the actions of others but you never know what's actually happening in that other vehicle. Maybe there was an emergency situation at home with family, or perhaps there was someone in the SUV who needed medical attention. The person shooting the video is certainly judgemental of the actions of this driver, but honestly, we don't see any anger present. It's entirely possible this driver was just impatient, but it's also possible there was a legitimate need to get somewhere as quickly as possible.

Whatever the reason, just stay safe and smart behind the wheel. If you are an impatient, angry driver, remember that pretty much every other car on the road contains a cell phone with a camera, if not dedicated cameras recording everything around them. And if you're the one doing the recording, keep an open mind because there could be a very good reason behind those crazy actions.

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