If you're getting a sense of déjà vu reading this article, don't be alarmed. Just under a week ago we reported on a truck that smashed a highway bridge in Georgia so hard it moved six feet off its foundation. Now there's a second truck-bridge collision that crossed our radar, and while it doesn't look as severe, it happened on a far busier stretch of highway.

If you're reading this from Boston metropolitan area, you probably heard about it. WBZ 4 Boston reports a tractor-trailer towing an oversized load struck a bridge in the northern Boston suburb of Medford. The crash occurred just before the afternoon rush hour on July 19 as the truck was traveling south on Interstate 93. Reports don't say what the truck was hauling, but to our eyes, it looks like a large water tower. In any case, the load was too tall to fit under an overpass for Roosevelt Circle, near exit 74 and just seven miles north of downtown Boston. Fortunately, only one minor injury from a passenger in the truck was reported.


Unlike the previous collision in Georgia, it appears this bridge can be repaired. Traffic on I-93 is presently restricted to two lanes instead of four, but the highway is at least open as crews work on removing damaged material and reinforcing the structure. It's possible all four lanes could be opened on July 21, but the bridge itself will have lane restrictions for some time. It's possible repair work could take six to eight months, during which time there would be lane closures on I-93 as well. Anyone who's driven around Boston knows how bad traffic can get in the best of circumstances, so yeah. This won't be fun.


As for how it happened, that's still a mystery. According to WBZ 4, Massachusetts State Highway Administrator Jonathan Gulliver said the truck had to pass under other bridges of the same height before hitting this one. One theory is that the load may have loosened or shifted, causing it to rise up but at this point, the investigation is ongoing and no specific cause or fault has been determined.

We often say this, but stay safe out there folks. And if you drive a tall vehicle or pull taller loads, triple-check your height and know your route ahead of time.

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