We all know that electrification is the future, and car manufacturers have been laying down their cards to secure the future of their brand. The latest of which was GMC, which confirmed to reporters on Monday that an electric full-size truck would arrive in "due course."

The confirmation came from Duncan Aldred, vice president of global Buick and GMC, as reported by Automotive News.

Details of the electric pickup are expectedly scarce at this point. Aldred declined to confirm whether the upcoming pickup truck would bear the name of its internal combustion engine-powered counterpart, the GMC Sierra.

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As we all know, this isn't an unprecedented move. Ford has already revealed its F-150 Lightning, while Tesla and Rivian have their own contenders as well in the electric pickup truck segment. More importantly, GMC's family member Chevrolet has already confirmed the Silverado EV, which will be built alongside the Hummer EV in GM's Factory Zero plant in Detroit.

Using GM's proprietary Ultium battery, the electric pickups under GM will likely share the facility, which includes the now-confirmed arrival of a GMC full-size pickup. However, GMC has declined to provide any timeline for the new model, but we can expect it to be revealed by next year for the 2023 model year.

Again, details are scant, but we can expect the upcoming GMC truck's range around the 400-mile (644-kilometer) ballpark, just like what they estimated with the Silverado EV.

Of note, the nameplate to match in the electric pickup truck segment is the Ford F-150 Lightning. The plug-in version of America's best-selling nameplate can reach 230 mi (370 km) per charge when equipped with the standard-range battery, while the larger extended-range battery has the juice to keep the truck running up to 300 mi (483 km).

We'll know more about the upcoming electric GMC pickup truck in the months to come. For now, keep us in your tabs.

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