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What engine would you put in the Audi R8? For most, the stock V8 or V10 options are exactly what you’d want in your mid-engine supercar, but for diesel lovers, it's simply not enough. The Volkswagen diesel enthusiasts at Darkside Developments are engine swapping their Audi R8, but they need help choosing an engine to put in. Would you put a TDI V6 and TDI V8 in your dream diesel Audi R8?

Before the Dieselgate scandal, VW and Audi were kings of the diesel world winning the 24 Hours of Le Mans with its TDI power LMP1 car and building desirable diesel products. To celebrate its dominance in the 24 Hours of Le Mans Audi planned to release an R8 powered by a V12 diesel engine, but then things got a little tricky.

We’re not here to discuss the issue of the Dieselgate scandal but rather how cool a diesel-powered supercar would be. Since VW and Audi no longer want to draw any attention to their diesel product offerings the team at Darkside Developments is here to fill the gap and build a diesel-powered Audi R8.

The team at Darkside Developments is asking its viewers to weigh in and help the team pick a drivetrain to try and fit their Audi R8. It’s not as simple as bolting a new engine in that will match perfectly with the Audi R8’s gearbox. Darkside Developments needs to consider the transmission that works well with the engine they choose. The trans need to be strong enough to handle the extra power the team will boost the engine to for reliable performance.

Although a diesel supercar sounds a little ridiculous it’s important to remember that Audi would’ve built one if Dieselgate didn’t happen. That makes this project the fulfillment of a promise rather than a strange Frankenstein project.

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