Financing rates for brand new cars are typically better than used ones. That has always been the case. However, CarsDirect found out that buying a factory-certified pre-owned Toyota could be a wiser move this July, with lower APR deals on used vehicles versus those that are fresh.

In the CarsDirect report, the 60-month financing rate on a used Corolla, RAV4, and Camry is at 1.99 percent. That isn't limited to gasoline-powered models; even hybrid models are part of the relatively low APR deals, which could make you somehow rethink your plan to buy a brand new Toyota vehicle, especially if you're going to finance it.

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In comparison, CarsDirect mentioned that the APR deal for a new RAV4 is currently at 2.9 percent for 60 months. In some cases, like for a new Camry in Southern California, there isn't an APR deal available for the midsize sedan. While these may sound like extreme cases, we still advise for you to shop around to get the best deals.

One of the cited reasons for this peculiar case of financing rates is the supply shortage of brand new Toyota vehicles. Because of this, getting a manufacturer incentive on a new Toyota has become difficult. With demand upending supply, this is quite expected.

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CarsDirect even cited one more odd and unprecedented move by Toyota dealers in Southern California. Dealers are said to have told the automaker to stop advertising lease deals. That doesn't mean that you can't lease a car in the said area. Dealers aren't just pushing the offer so to curb demand.

As mentioned, the inventory shortage affects the pricing of Toyota vehicles, used and new. Car buyers can expect unusually high prices, with some pre-owned vehicles getting priced higher than new cars.

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