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Great-sounding engines are something all car enthusiasts can enjoy. There are plenty of videos that highlight engine sounds from supercars, but up until now nothing about buses. Luckily Youtuber VisioRacer, a passionate bus enthusiast created a video about their favorite soundings bus engines. So, if you’re wondering which bus sounds best, sit back and relax as we celebrate the best sounding buses of all time.

Our first bus on the list is the classic Mercedes-Benz 0303, which saw production from 1974 to 1995. The Mercedes-Benz 0303 was produced in seven different lengths which necessitated different sized engines to proper these massive buses. Engines ranged from a V6 in the smaller buses, with a V8 used for most buses. A top-of-the-line V10 was used in the longest-length versions of the 0303 and is considered to be a great-sounding bus engine.

If gasoline-powered buses aren’t your thing then maybe the one-off GT2827 Elizabeth will get your bus enthusiasm flowing. The GT2827 Elizabeth is powered by a 2-cylinder steam engine that is mated to a 2-speed chain drive transmission. The GT2827 Elizabeth was built for tourist use as a one-off so that customers can experience the power of a steam engine.

You can’t discuss buses without Detroit Diesel’s legendary power plants. In this case, we’re focusing on the 8V71 and 8V92 diesel V8 engines that powered a range of buses used across the world. Everything from urban buses to long-distance motor coaches utilized Detroit Diesel’s reliable V8s to more people around the world.

Neoplan Megaliner is a quad-axle luxury bus that is one of the largest vehicles in the world. Power came from a Mercedes-Benz sourced 0M442LA turbocharged V8 engine. This massive 14.6-liter V8 needed to be strong so it could maneuver the massive Megaliner bus.

Which bus is your favorite? For something that fades into the background, it's quite fun to really think about how good buses can sound in the correct context.

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