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Fans of the infamous television show Street Outlaws will instantly recognize this orange 1970 Chevrolet pickup truck. It's the notorious Farmtruck, the sleepiest drag racing sleeper that ever sleeped though it's hardly a sleeper these days. Worldwide fame for the truck and its caretakers  Farmtruck and AZN means everyone knows this beat-up truck is really a full-on race car under the skin. Or at least, it used to be.

A few days ago, videos and photos started cropping up on the internet showing this, um, truck riding around on a trailer with big pontoons underneath and a water jet drive out the back. Sure enough, video also surfaced of the truck actually on the water and we don't mean by accident. Perhaps the best is this clip from Rick Smith on Facebook, who caught the action on a lake in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. Friends, say hello to the Farmboat.


If that's not enough, another video from ViralHog caught the Farmboat at a racing event in Antioch, Illinois a couple of days later, which is seen in the video at the top of this article. A vintage Chevy truck powering across a lake on pontoons certainly garners attention, so instead of trying to hide it, Farmtruck and AZN decided to go public with their new not-so-secret build.

Actually, there are still quite a few secrets about this truck despite its reveal. Apparently, it will be the subject of a new show on Discovery TV dedicated to Farmtruck and AZN and the details are being saved for the program. The video shows that the truck is indeed mounted on a pontoon platform, and there's a ginormous Chevrolet V8 engine at the back powering a water jet drive. We can also see this is basically a tube frame on top of pontoons wrapped in Chevy body panels. As such, we suspect this isn't the original Farmtruck stuck on a boat but rather a completely new machine.

Full details on the build and the new adventures of the Farmboat will be chronicled in the aforementioned Discovery TV series, coming soon.

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