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The Troy Police Department in Michigan released a harrowing dashcam video (above) showing a tanker truck crashing on Interstate 75 and bursting into a fireball. The semi's driver was able to escape the big rig and incurred minor injuries. No one else was hurt, and no other vehicles were involved.

The incident happened on northbound I-75 at around 1:15 PM Eastern Time on July 12. Judging by the video, the tanker truck driver simply didn't take the curve in the road and drove onto the median where the semi flipped on its side before bursting into flames. Police are still investigating the reason for the crash.

Because of the massive fire, the police closed the northbound and southbound lanes of I-75. Thick, black smoke rose into the air. The semi was hauling 14,000 gallons of gasoline and diesel fuel. It took firefighters using water and foam around two hours to put out the blaze and cleaning up the scene lasted several more hours after that.


The fire caused structural damage to the Interstate's pavement, and the Michigan Department of Transportation closed the northbound and southbound lanes until repairs could be done. The agency doesn't have an estimate for when this section of I-75 could re-open.

Photos of the aftermath (above) show the blackened road. Portions of the highway divider are even melted because of the intense heat.

"Conceivably, we could have to replace the pavement. There’s just no doubt about it. A fire that hot is just going to really render that pavement brittle. It won’t stand up as long as we want," Rob Morosi from the Michigan Department of Transportation told WDIV News.

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