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There's no question that #vanlife is as popular as ever in 2021. We've seen countless do-it-yourself camper van builds, and while some of those projects look daunting, here's a classic camper van that pretty much anyone can assemble with ease. Admittedly you won't be able to live in it, but if you could shrink to about 1/20th your size, this little camper would be epic.

This classic Volkswagen T2 Camper Van is the newest offering from Lego's Creator Expert series, and the detail is incredible. That's why we say pretty much anyone can build it, because it's recommended for ages 18 and older. To frame it another way, this is a Lego set specifically designed for adults, and at 2,207 pieces, it will take the average adult quite a bit of time to build.

Gallery: Lego Creator Expert Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

Judging by these photos, your patience during the build process will be worth it. The kit boasts an actual pop-up roof just like the real-life camper, and the interior is intricately detailed with all the necessities of a camper van. There's a kitchen complete with a refrigerator, a sink, cabinets, and you'll even find items like cups throughout the interior, including things stored inside the cabinets.

The rear seat folds, the table pivots out, and plaid fabric curtains attach to the windows. The pop-up section also has a fabric cover to replicate the real-life van, and lest we forget, this is a replica of a motorized van on wheels. There's neat detail at the front where the driver and passenger sit. The steering wheel turns the front wheels. Lights around the teal/white exterior are faithfully recreated, as is the front-mount spare tire. Surfboards and neat-o Lego folding chairs round out the cool kit.

Lego Creator Expert Volkswagen T2 Camper Van Interior
Lego Creator Expert Volkswagen T2 Camper Van

"Though the Volkswagen Camper is no stranger to our Lego cars collection, this latest iteration brings even more delights for Lego builders," said Lego Designer Sven Franic. "The meticulously kitted out interior is sure to charm seasoned campers and adventurers alike, while the eye-catching exterior with a pop-up roof is a feat of engineering just like the original."

Such detail doesn't come without a cost, however. Lego says its new T2 Camper kit will cost $179.99, and it will be available starting August 1 at Lego stores.

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