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Pininfarina has released another mysterious image of its new vehicle. The company isn't offering many details about the machine, but the debut is July 14, so there's not much of a wait to see it.

The famous Italian design company says this machine represents the brand's "vision for a shared, hyperconnected mobility of the future is taking shape." It's not clear what that mish-mash of buzzwords actually means, though.


The teaser image shows the vehicle from the top and reveals an odd shape. The body narrows just behind the front fenders and then widens outward farther to the rear. The passenger compartment seems small in comparison to the massive rear deck.

Pininfarina Teaser

The earlier teaser (above) showed the vehicle from the back. The tail is rounded, and there's no rear glass. Instead, there are a horizontal array of strips to offer a tiny view outward. The taillights are arch-shaped and follow the contour of the rear end.

The plan for "shared, hyperconnected mobility" suggests to us that this isn't a hypercar like the Pininfarina Battista. Although, the passenger compartment seems too small to be a vehicle for mass transportation.

One possibility is that the company is exploring an autonomous rideshare vehicle. The size looks right for this type of machine. With no mirrors on the sides or even a real rear window, it's going to be up to technology to makes this machine safely operable on the road.

Whether this is purely a concept or something that is actually going into production also isn't clear. Pininfarina has a long history of building concepts, and judging by its novel shape, this vehicle could be one, too. We'll know more when the machine debuts tomorrow.

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