The mid-engined MC20 supercar is powered by a 3000cc V6 twin-turbo engine. The Ferrari 296 GTB is fitted with a 2992cc V6 twin-turbo mill and both have an identical 88-mm bore and 82-mm stroke. Surely these engines are related in one way or another, right? Well, according to the Prancing Horse, the two powertrains have nothing in common.

Speaking with British magazine Autocar, the company's Chief Technical Officer Michael Leiters emphasized the two V6s are totally unrelated: "Ferrari doesn't copy anybody or take over anything from others. This stroke has been typical for Ferrari for years, and we didn't have the necessity to collaborate on something like that."

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Some will remember the company with the trident logo did say its Nettuno powertrain is a "new 100% Maserati engine" in the build-up to the MC20's official reveal last year. It's also worth mentioning the Ferrari engine has a 120-degree bank angle whereas the Maserati unit has a 90-degree layout. Then there are the power differences as the 296 GTB's combustion engine (without the hybrid assist) puts out an extra 33 horsepower over the MC20's mill (663 hp vs 630 hp).

We will be seeing more of both engines in future applications as Maserati will likely use it in the next-generation GranTurismo while Ferrari could install its very own V6 in the Purosangue. It will be interesting to know whether the folks from Maranello will put their smallest engine in a new car without the PHEV setup.

Technically, Maserati and Ferrari are not part of the same automotive conglomerate as while the former sits under the Stellantis umbrella as one of the 14 brands, the latter was spun off in early 2016. The majority of Ferrari's shares are publicly owned (67.09 percent), followed by the Exor N.V. holding company (22.91 percent) and Piero Ferrari (10 percent) – Enzo's second and only living son.

Ironically, the first SUV to carry the Prancing Horse badge has been spotted repeatedly using a modified Maserati body borrowed from the Levante.

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