Remember the last time you saw someone run a red light? You likely had a few choice words about the driver not paying attention, or just being a crazy idiot behind the wheel. You probably didn't consider that just maybe, there was a very deliberate, slightly nefarious reason why that person blasted through the light.

We say slightly nefarious because intentionally running red lights as a source of revenge seems a bit campy, but yes, that's what happened recently in China. Police in Zhejiang Province on the country's eastern side became aware of an Audi that was breaking traffic laws left and right. According to Global Times, the car racked up a single speeding violation and 49 red light violations over just two days. Attention understandably fell to the Audi's owner, but as police investigated further it became clear his ex-girlfriend and a, um, desperate accomplice were responsible for the mess. 

Apparently, the ex-girlfriend (identified in reports only as Lou) wasn't very happy about being dumped by the Audi's owner (identified as Qian) for another woman. To exact her revenge, Lou allegedly enlisted the help of a man named Chen who rented Qian's Audi for an unspecified period of time. Chen then gave the car to another man named Zhu, who police determined was the one actually driving the car during its crime spree. This is the aforementioned desperate accomplice, and in this instance, we suspect desperate doesn't really do the situation justice. You probably see where this is going.

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It seems Zhu had a long-running romantic interest in Lou, and she knew it. As such, she agreed to go on a date with him as long as drove her ex-boyfriend's Audi like he stole it. Of course, Zhu being a lovesick fool did what any lovesick fool would do and obeyed her commands. Okay, perhaps most ill-advised seekers of love wouldn't break a gazillion traffic laws behind the wheel of an ex-boyfriend's car secretly rented by a third party, but poor Zhu did. Clearly, blood wasn't flowing to his head and as for Lou, apparently her blood just runs ice cold.

Everyone involved ultimately confessed to their role in this weird soap-opera revenge scheme. The report doesn't say what ultimately happened to the players, but somehow, we suspect Lou and Zhu's relationship won't be progressing further.

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