Honda is inadvertently trolling Americans with the Mugen N-BOX Slash concept which exudes "muscle American style."

Set to debut at the Tokyo Auto Salon, the concept is a sad caricature of American hot rods as it features everything from "Route 16" graphics to flames shooting out of the headlights. The car also has body stripes, a center-mounted dual exhaust system and checkered flag-inspired wheels.

The rest of the company's lineup is also peculiar, so here's a quick rundown:

The N-ONE Relax concept was designed to appeal to young men who live in Tokyo. It features a two-tone exterior and a multi-colored cabin with geometric shapes.

The Samantha Thavasa Vezel, goes in a different direction as it was designed to appeal to women. As a slightly sexist result, it features a pink wrap with white accents.

Sticking with the feminine theme, the N-BOX Slash Barbie has a white exterior with pink accents and a Barbie logo on the front doors. The pink and white theme continues in the cabin as there's two-tone leather seats and matching dashboard trim.

Moving on, the N-Box Splash Cyber Code:89 concept features a bold front fascia with vertical LED daytime running lights. The concept also has stylish alloy wheels and a matching rear bumper.

Last but not least, the Mugen Legend has a carbon fiber front splitter, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and unique alloy wheels.

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