During its Stellantis EV Day presentation, Jeep offered the first official look at the two-row Grand Cherokee 4xe. The brand also used the six-minute video as an opportunity to show off its plan for the future, including wild ideas like pairing with a drone and autonomous off-roading.

Spy shots already show the Grand Cherokee 4xe, so the model's official confirmation isn't a huge revelation. Compared to the three-row Grand Cherokee L, the two-row variant has a shorter rear end and less glass along the side. There are minor styling tweaks, including a revised front fascia.

Gallery: Jeep Stellantis EV Day Video

According to Jeep's video, the brand's vehicles will be capable of biometric recognition in 2025. This will let a model identify its owner so that the SUV can automatically unlock the doors and start the engine.

The company is also developing peer-to-peer charging. This means that if one vehicle's battery is getting low, then an owner could plug into another machine and recoup some range.

Jeep shows off drone-pairing tech, too. In the video, the aircraft serves the purpose of illuminating the path farther ahead than the headlights are able to.

For 2030, Jeep suggests autonomous off-roading would be possible. The vehicle drives at low speed while its owners are going on a hike. The owners would be able to track the machine remotely to know where it is. Presumably, people could follow one trail while the SUV takes a different path to meet them at a destination.

Another feature would provide fold-flat seating and autonomous driving. Occupants could lie down and stargaze out of the roof while the SUV motors down the trail.

Jeep Stellantis EV Day Video Silhouette

Jeep pledges to have a 4xe plug-in hybrid vehicle in every SUV segment by 2025. There's a mystery at the end of the video when the company flashes the silhouettes of these future models (see above). After discussing it among the Motor1.com team, we agree there's a resemblance to the Renegade. However, the proportions look smaller, and this seems to be a two-door, judging by the size. Maybe Jeep's artist simply stylize the profile of the Renegade, or perhaps the automaker is teasing a little off-roader for the future.

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