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Video game developer KT Racing provided little information last year when it teased the return of the Test Drive Unlimited video game franchise. It’s the third installment. The original CGI teaser revealed the game’s name – Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – and little else, but a new teaser that dropped today reveals a bit more. The new trailer announces the new game’s location and its release date.

The modern Test Drive game installments have made the game’s location an important part of the open-world driving experience, and Solar Crown is no different. The new game will take racers to the high-tech, neon-lined streets of Hong Kong in high-definition glory. Previous installments took gamers to Oahu, Hawaii, and Ibiza, Spain. Racers in the new game won’t be contained to city streets, though, as portions of the greater Hong Kong Island will be accessible, too, which should be great for off-road fun. The trailer shows off the island’s shoreline and treen-covered hills.

Mystery still surrounds the game’s story, though it’ll likely have gamers battling through the ranks of Hong Kong street racers for the championship. Previous installments allowed gamers to buy homes, clothes, and, of course, new cars. This could return in the new game, and it’d be ripe for micro-transactions. The footage shown so far in the trailers is all CGI, which doesn’t show off the final graphics, though the trailers are promising a lot.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown hits gaming consoles and PCs on September 22, 2022, and it’ll be hitting all the consoles. Not only will the game be available on the latest gaming hardware, the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, if you can find one, but it’ll also be available on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. KT Racing is known for developing the WRC and TT Isle of Man video game franchises.

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