Audi Head of Design Marc Lichte and Audi Senior Vice President Henrik Wenders have a video teasing three new concepts that are debuting over the next year. The execs say these are clean sheet designs that aim to "reinvent mobility as we know it today." Although, we hear automakers promising massive innovation a lot, so let's wait and see if the Four Rings can deliver on the lofty claim.

Audi is using the term "sphere" to describe each of these concepts. A sphere is a three-dimensional representation of a ring, so the name makes sense. It's weird the company is making three, rather than four like the circles in its logo, though.


The sphere concepts will have tech that will be capable of recognizing its owners. The vehicle will also be able to learn their preferences and predict what they'd want to from the machine.

The first concept, and possibly most interesting, is the Sky Sphere. Audi says that it's both a driver's car and is capable of autonomous motoring. The sketch shows a sharply styled coupe with a very long nose and sleek roofline. 

Gallery: Teaser Concept Audi Sphere

The Grand Sphere appears to be a low-slung sedan with a roofline similar to the Sky Sphere. However, there's an expanded passenger area, where the other model has a long hood. The execs say that the model offers a "high-class experience for all senses," which points to this being a luxury-focused model.

Finally, there's the Urban Sphere. The video describes it as a "private space in an urban environment." The concept appears to be a large crossover with a large greenhouse and a thick B-pillar.

It's not clear exactly when any of these concepts debut. We doubt they would all premiere at once. Unveiling one of them every few months would keep the company in the news cycle and potentially expose the automaker's plan for the future to more people.

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